Custom Order

Experience the magic as we bring your vision to life! Reach out to us today for any inquiries and to book a consultation with our skilled team.

Prices include custom digital artwork design, tile/plaque, hand painting & kiln firing of piece. Payment is required to be paid in full upon ordering.

  • 6" Tile

    Size: 6SQ

  • 8" Tile

    Size: 8SQ

  • 8" Tuscany Coupe Plate

    SKU: 1004

    Size: 8D

  • 11" Tuscany Dinner Plate

    SKU: 1005

    Size: 11D

  • Small Flare Sushi Plate

    SKU: 1041

    Size: 8.75L x 4.25W

  • 8" Coupe Salad Plate

    SKU: 1609

    Size: 8L x 8W x 1H

  • 10" Square Dinner Plate

    SKU: 1610

    Size: 10L x 10W x 1.125H

  • 12" Square Charger

    SKU: 1611

    Size: 12L x 12W x 1.375H

  • Medium Pasta bowl

    SKU: 2008

    Size: 12.75D x 3H

  • Pasta Bowl

    SKU: 2009

    Size: 15D x 3.375H

  • Oval Coupe Platter

    SKU: 3004

    Size: 19L x 13.5W

  • Swoop Sushi Platter

    SKU: 3022

    Size: 15L x 7.5W

  • One Piece Chip and Dip

    SKU: 3032

    Size: 11.75D

  • Platter with Handles

    SKU: 3059

    Size: 14.75L x 9W x 3H

  • Flat Handled Tray

    SKU: 3063

    Size: 13.25L x 8W x 1H

  • Jumbo Mug

    SKU: 4009

    Size: 5D x 3.5H

  • Wine Cooler

    SKU: 4019

    Size: 4.75D x 9.75H

  • Barrel Mug

    SKU: 4026

    Size: 3.75D x 4.25H

  • Beer Mug

    SKU 4033

    Size:4D x 6H

  • Swoop Mug

    SKU: 4065

    Size: 4.25D x 5.5H

  • Mini Cape Mug

    SKU: 4075

    Size: 3.75D x 3.625H