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Poliahu (Giclée)

Poliahu (Giclée)

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Poliahu Giclée by Joanna Carolan

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"Poli'ahu" watercolor and pastel by Kauai artist, Joanna Carolan. Limited edition giclee measures 11" x 14" and is matted to 16" x 20" in a white double mat. Poli'ahu is the snow goddess of ancient Hawaii. There are many tales of the rivalry between Poli'ahu and the volcano goddess Pele. Each of these goddesses claimed a mountaintop on the island of Hawaii for their home. Pele chose the volcano of Maunaloa on the south side of the island, and on the other side of the island Poliahu chose the snowy peak of Maunakea. While Pele pours fiery lava over the land, Poliahu spreads her cooling mantle of snow. Poliahu is depicted here with an io (native Hawaiian hawk), and the Silversword plant in bloom, both of which can be seen on the slopes of Maunakea.

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