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Haumea Print by Joanna Carolan

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"Haumea" watercolor and pastel by Kauai artist, Joanna Carolan. High quality print on acid free paper matted in antique white. Available in the sizes listed above. Myths about Haumea revolve around marriage, childbirth and the supply of food. The myth of Haumea's transformation into a breadfruit tree occurred on the island of Oahu. In one version of this tale Haumea rescues her husband who is to be sacrificed. Their captors chase them up Kalihi valley. As Haumea flees, she leaves behind fragments of her skirt. Haumea and her husband finally escape by entering a growing breadfruit tree. The fragments of Haumea's skirt which are left behind change into the wild blue morning glory vines that grow in Kalihi.

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